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About Us

Who is B2BPakistan.com?

B2Bpakistan.com is the brainchild of Pakistanís leading IT solution provider and consultancy firm, Softrack Technologies. Softrack Technologies, a modern, privately owned company, strives to encourage and support the use of computers and Internet technology by providing practical computing and network solutions to Pakistani and international enterprises. Softrack Technologies has been working in the software development market for the last 10 years. The company has developed various customized products for its global clientele. B2BPakistan.com is a B2B portal developed and administered by Softrack Technologies and is specifically designed to assist Pakistani companies to conduct business with the world market. This B2B portal is considered to be Pakistan's first portal that is designed to cater the needs of the corporate sector of Pakistan. B2BPakistan.com sincerely hopes that every user benefits from the services provided at the portal. Your success is our ultimate aim!

Why is B2B so important?

Pakistan has a wide range of quality products that have such a great export potential, but local companies have not been able to promote their products in the international markets due to lack of resources. B2B Pakistan is an online resource for companies, which will provide an opportunity for them to promote and sell their products in the international markets.

As Pakistan is playing an increasingly important role in the WTO, there will be more opportunities than ever for Pakistani suppliers in the global market. Therefore, an urgent need for more efficient channels through which global buyers and Pakistani suppliers can meet and conduct business was required. Anticipating this need, Softrack Technologies has developed an ecommerce platform, B2BPakistan.com, to assist global buyers to source Pakistani products more efficiently.

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