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Box Beam Production Line , Automatic End Face Milling Machine - Product

Place of Origin : Hangzhou,China
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Box Beam Production Line , Automatic End Face Milling Machine


We have many years production experience in the welding structure manufacture, our company's hydraulic turning device is used in turnover and in comparative professional equipment. This device is hydraulic cylinder promote two groups of boom joint the work-piece turning 90 degrees or 180 degrees, turning is smoothly and impact resistance, also match electric movement, it can hold up the work-piece in a different posit

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Other Specification :  Box Beam Production Line , Automatic End Face Milling Machine Description: We Have Many Years Production Experience In The Welding Structure Manufacture, Our Company's Hydraulic Turning Device Is Used In Turnover And In Comparative Professional Equipment. This Device Is Hydraulic Cylinder Promote Two Groups Of Boom Joint The Work-piece Turning 90 Degrees Or 180 Degrees, Turning Is Smoothly And Impact Resistance, Also Match Electric Movement, It Can Hold Up The Work-piece In A Different Position. Between The Two Groups Of Hydraulic Turning Device, Put A Group Of Lifting Platform, Can Hold The Work-piece Specifications: - - - - No. | Name | Work-piece | Note | 1 | Work-piece Cross Section Size | 800*1800mm | | 2 | Work-piece Weight (Max.) | 12T | | 3 | Work-piece Length | 15000mm | | 4 | Movement Speed | 3000mm/min | | 5 | Hydraulic Pump Power | 18Kw | | 6 | Time Of Turning 180 | 3 Minutes | | - - - - Temperature Range: -10~40 Relative Humidity: Monthly Average Maximum Relative Humidity 90% Power Supply: Voltage Fluctuation 10% Frequency Fluctuation (rated Voltage): 2% Performance Characteristics A Group Of Two Set Use, Synchronization Turning Boom By Precision Hydraulic Synchronizing Valve To Achieve, As Follows: Two Groups Of Turning Device Is Completely Same, Work-piece Turning Width Is 1000mm, At The Bottom Of Two Boom Cross Place, It Is Vertical Plate Interval Forms, Suitable For Small Length Work-piece Turning. The Bottom Of The Turning Device Per Unit Installed Two Guide Rail, When Work-piece Turning To 45 , Can Hold The Work-piece On The Guide For Movement Hydraulic Turning Is Stationary And Impact Resistance, Safe And Easy Operation. Between The Two Groups Of Turning Device, Set Up Three Groups Ofassembly Platform, The Work-piece Can Be Assembled On The Platform, Then Doing Turning Process, Easy To Use. Hydraulic

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