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BVR PVC insulate flexible customized 16/25/36/40/55 mm electrical cables scrap copper - Product





Place of Origin : Hebei,China
Delivery Time : 14workdays
Payment Terms : FOB/LC/TT

Product Description

Wires and cables are used to transmit electrical (magnetic) energy, information and electromagnetic energy conversion.In the broad sense, electric wire and cable are also referred to as cables. In the narrow sense, cables refer to insulated cables, which can be defined as: an aggregate composed of the following parts;One or more insulated cores and their respective possible cladding, general protection and outer sheaths. Cables may also have additional conductors without insulation.

Basic Information

Brand : JuPai
Material : Aluminum Conductor
Color : Yellow/Red/Customized

Physical Specification

Size or Volume : As Required
Weight : As Models
Other Specification : 


Search And Implement According To National Standard JB/ T8734-2012, GB/ T5023-2008 And Compulsory Certification Of Electrical And Electronic Products (CCC).

The Conductor Is Made Of High Quality Oxygen Free Copper, Which Is Good In Conducting Electricity And Low In Heating.

Insulation Of High Quality Plastic, Insulation Performance Mandatory Wear Resistance, Do Not Delay Combustion, Long Service Life.



Common Insulated Wire, Household Wire, Is The Most Commonly Used Type Of Wire.Take The New House Of 100 Square Meters As An Example, 4 Square Meters Of Copper Core BV Wire 200 Meters, 2.5 Square Meters Of 400 Meters.1.5 Square Meters Of 300 Meters, 1.5 Square Meters Of Copper Core BV Two-color Wire 100 Meters.The Above Said Is Not Ceiling Decoration, If You Want To Ceiling 1.5 Line But Also A Little More.

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