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Hydraulic Press Brake - Product



Place of Origin : Maanshan,China
Product Capacity : 250 Sets/month

Product Description

* The CNC controller not only improves the quality and production time to your requirements but also eliminates your reliance on unpredictable human skills and labour.
* The CNC system reduces valuable and expensive set-up time and the inevitable material wastage due to improper set-up procedures.
* The CNC system uses less mechanical parts than a conventional mechanical machine thus the savings from routine parts replacement, maintenance and the minimizing of unproductive down-time.

Basic Information

Model : WC67K- / FCB-
Material : Metal
Color : Blue/red

Company Inforamtion
Anhui Xing Mao Machine Tools Co., Ltd
[ Manufacturer - China ]
 : 704-300,Huashan Road, Huashan Zone, Maanshan, Anhui, China
 : 86-0555-2614599

 : april
 : 86-0555-2614599
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