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New China made Maximum tension 400kg permanent magnet lifter for steel scrap - Product





Place of Origin : Hebei,China
Delivery Time : 14workdays
Payment Terms : FOB/LC/TT

Product Description

Permanent magnet chuck
also known as magnetic chuck, is a machine factory, mold factory, and other machining fields widely used magnetic fixture, can greatly improve the magnetic steel material clamping efficiency.Permanent magnet chuck is a high-performance rare earth material ndfeb (N>40) as the core, through the hand to turn the handle of the chuck, so as to change the internal ndfeb magnetic system of the chuck, to achieve the workpiece being processed holding or release.

Basic Information

Brand : JuPai
Material : Magnet
Color : Yellow/Red/Customized

Physical Specification

Size or Volume : As Required
Weight : As Models
Other Specification : 


1.Good Propery Of Moisture-proofingweldablity Magnetism-isolation?wear-resistant And Shockproof.

2.Reasonable Structure,light Self-weight,strong Attraction Force And Low Energy Consumption.

3.A Full Set Of Auxiliary Unit Such As Control Cubicle Cable Reel,etc Can Be Provided As Well.

4.Installation,operation And Maintainance Are Convenient.

5.Rated Duty Cycle Of Normal Electromagnet Gets Increased From 50% In The Past To 60%,thus Workingefficency Gets Improved.

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