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Vbrating AWD Angle Adjustment System Mud Shale Shaker - Product

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Vbrating AWD Angle Adjustment System Mud Shale Shaker

shale shaker is the first grade of solids control equipment in drilling purification system. It can remove cuttings above 75m brought from the drilling well and the liquid with smaller particles will flow into tanks from where the fluid will flow into next grade solids control equipment to be treated.

KOSUNscreen basket is of weld components and vibration motor & screen plate base are installed on screen box by parts. Screen bas

Physical Specification

Other Specification : Vbrating AWD Angle Adjustment System Mud Shale Shaker Shale Shaker Is The First Grade Of Solids Control Equipment In Drilling Purification System. It Can Remove Cuttings Above 75m Brought From The Drilling Well And The Liquid With Smaller Particles Will Flow Into Tanks From Where The Fluid Will Flow Into Next Grade Solids Control Equipment To Be Treated. KOSUNscreen Basket Is Of Weld Components And Vibration Motor & Screen Plate Base Are Installed On Screen Box By Parts. Screen Basket Locates On The Adjustment Beam And There Are Bumper Springs In Four Corners Near The Screen Box, Which Can Avoid The Screen Basket Vibrating Effect On Parts & Devices In The Neighborhood. There Are Three Or Four Screen Panels On The Enough Strength For Screen Basket. The Middle Part Of Screen Basket Is Higher Than Two Sides Transversely And The Bulging Arch The Screen Can Be Tensioned More Easily And The Screen Life And Efficiency Of Removing Solids Particles Can Be Improved As The Work Proceeds. Screen: - - - - | | Professional Welding Technology | Hard-edged Screen And Soft-edged Screen Can Be Fixed | Screen Quantity: Three Or Four | Easy Screen Change | | - - - - AWD Angle Adjustment System: The Angle Adjustment System While Drilling, AWD For Short, Can Raise Or Lower The Screen Basket End During The Work. This Part Includes Two Vertical Column Assemblies That Are Connected On The Upper Column Assembly And Are Attached To The Shaker Base. The Upward & Downward Movement Of The Screen Basket. The Fixed Ends Of Jack Are Connected In Upper Column Assemblies And The Movable Piston Bar Is Fixed In The Lower Column Assembly. Reciprocately Pulling The Operating Grip Of The Hand Pump Or Starting The Oil Return Valve Of The Hand Pump Can Make The Screen Basket Move Upward And Downward Respectively. The Screen Basket Can Be Adjusted Within -1+5. Fix And Lock The Elevator With Clamp Pin At The Suitable Angle, Which Can Reduce The Atta

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