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Microwave Dryer for package yarn - Product



Place of Origin : Wuxi,China
Delivery Terms : CFR
Delivery Time : 40 Days
Payment Terms : T/T

Product Description

Microwave is a kind of electromagnetic wave with a frequency range from 300MHz to 300GHz, which transmits in the space in a line with the velocity of light(300,000km/s).If the material radiated by the microwave, it belongs to the polar molecule, due to the effect of the extremely rapid changing microwave, the polarity orientation of the molecule will follow it to change rapidly,thereby intensifying molecule motion and its internal change.

Basic Information

Brand : SUNWIN
Model : XMWC
Material : Stainless Steel

Physical Specification

Other Specification : Rapid Effect It Directly Acts On The Radiated Material At An Extremely High Speed Dramatically Increase The Speed Of Heating, Drying And Sterilizing. Strong Penetrability: Microwave Has A Strong Penetrability Through The Workable Materials.The Penetrating Depth Of Industrial Microwave Frequency Can Reach Some Centimeters To Dozens Of Centimeters.So, It Can Work On Materials With A Certain Thinkness Evenly, Instead Of Just Acting On The Material Surface. Strong Selectivity: The Effect On The Material By The Microwave Energy Mainly Depends On The Idiosyncrasy Of The Material To Absorb Microwave.Microwave Has Different Effects On Different Effects On Different Materials, And Show A Strong Selectivity. Energy-saving And High-efficiency The Effect On The Material By The Microwave Energy Occurs Immediately When Radiating And The Energy Can Be Vonverted Directly Without Medium And Transmission, So The Efficiency Is High.Processing By Microwave Is Much More Rapid Than Traditional Method And Dramatically Reduces Energy Consumption. Advanced And Manageable Techniques There Is No Inertia In Microwave Energy Radiation.Instant Processing And Stopping Can Be Realized Just By Turn On And Turn Off The Microwave Equipment.Therefore, PLC Automatic Control Can Be Achieved Easily. Safe And Harmless The Microwave-energy Application Equipment Is To Process Material By Limiting The Microwave Within A Metal Microwave Energy Cavity, So It Will Not Hurt The Operator.

Company Inforamtion
[ Manufacturer - China ]
 : Qianzhou Development Zone, Wuxi, Jiangsu, China
 : +86-51083399288

 : Jenny Tan
 : +86-51083399288
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