In August 2002, Juhua Brand HCFC22 Passed The US UL Certification. In September 2004, Juhua Brand HCFC22 Was Approved By Both China Quality Management Association And China Customers Committee As "Nationwide Customer Satisfaction Product". In Septe ...Read More

 EXPIRED ON: 13-06-2009


Aluminium Oxide Al2O3 % Min 15.80-17.00. Iron Fe Content% Max 0.50-0.0005. Water Insoluble Matter % Max 0.15. PH Value 1% Aqueous Solution Min 3.0. Heavy Metals As Pb % Max 0.002. AS % Max 0.0005. Type Flakes . Packing 50kg/P ...Read More

 EXPIRED ON: 13-05-2009


Product: Hexamine (Urotropine) Apparent Of Liquor: Clarity Content: 99.0% Min. Moisture: 0.2% Max. Ash: 0.03% Max. Chloride (IN C1): 0.015% Max. Ammonium (IN NH4): 0.001% Max. Heavy Metal (IN Pb): 0.0009% Max. Sulfate (IN SO4): 0.02% M ...Read More

 EXPIRED ON: 30-04-2009


Sulphuric Acid Catalyst, Which Is Also Named Vanadium Pentoxide Catalyst, Is A Material To Promote The Oxidation Of SO2 And O2 To Give SO3 For Making Sulphuric Acid. The High Quality Of Sulphuric Acid Catalyst Is Based On The Key Attributes Of Activi ...Read More

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Qingdao Cabot Import & Export Co., Ltd Is A Renowned Entity As Manufacturer And Exporter Of Carbon Black. The Company Has Established Itself As One Of The Premier Organizations In The Market. The Reputation Of Qingdao Cabot Is Due To The Quality Of I ...Read More

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We Are A Nitrocellulose Manufacturer In China For More Than Eleven Years, Mainly Supply Nitrocellulose With Ethanol & IPA, Nitrocellulose Chips And Nitrocellulose Solution. They Can Be Applied In Producing Different Types Of Lacquer, Coatings, Leathe ...Read More

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Hengshui Yatai Especial Rubber Products Co., LTD Is Specializing In Producing High Pressure Hose, Hydraulic Hose, SAE & DIN Series, Metal Hose, Fireproof Hose, Hose Coupling, Assembly Parts, Etc. The Products Are Widely Used For Mining, Metallurgy, ...Read More

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DPT Blowing Agent(N,NL-Dinitrosopentame-thylenetetramine) Is Mainly Used In The Industry Of Rubber Products And PVC Plastic Products As The Vesicant. The Dosage In The Rubber And Plastics Industry Is 3-5% And 5-15%. It Is A Kind Of Light Yel ...Read More

 EXPIRED ON: 24-02-2009


OXALIC ACID ( ) Molecular Formula: C2H2O4-2H2O CAS No: 6153-56-6 Appearance: Free Floating White Crystal Powder Purity: 99.6%min Sulphate: 0.08%max Chloride: 0.001%max Heavy Metal: 0.002%max Iron: 0.001%max Ash A ...Read More

 EXPIRED ON: 31-12-2008


One Of Our Main Products, DBDMH(1,3-Dibromo-5,5-dimethylhydantoin), Is A Real Clean And Efficient Disinfectant Widely Used For Sterilization In Many Fields. Because It Is Eco-friendly, Low Irritant, Low Corrosive, Etc., DBDMH Is Widely Used In Hotel, ...Read More

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Dear Sir, We Are The Manufacturer Of The Rubber Products That We Can Give You The Good Quality Product But The Low Price.Many Of Our Products Is Advantage Over Other Companies’. So We Want To Cooperate With You To Develop The Rubber Products Marke ...Read More

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We Are A Professional Trading Company For Chemical Products From Shan Dong Province,China.We Have Our Own Factory Which Produces Qualified Calcium Chloride, Magnesium Chloride, Calcium Bromide And So On. We Can Supply Calcium Chloride Dihydrour ...Read More

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CAS#£º78-67-1 Purity£º¡Ý99%(HPLC) Melting Point£º100~103¡æ Appearance£ºwhite Needle-like Crystal Volatile Matters£º¡Ü 0.3% Methanol-insoluble Matters£º¡Ü0.1% Color Dot£º¡Ü10 Dots/10g Uses£ºmainly Used As Polymerizatio ...Read More

 EXPIRED ON: 29-10-2008


Synonyms]: Potassium Dihydrogen Phosphate; Monopotassium Phosphate [Chemical Formula]: KH2PO4 [Molecular Weight]: 136.09 [Properties]: White Or Colorless Crystal, Easily Soluble In Water, Relative Density At 2.338, Melting Point At 252.6 ...Read More

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Industrial Glass Bead,glass Bead For Road Making,handicraft Glass Bead,colorful Glass Bead,hollow Glass Bead,glass Grit And So On. Read More

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Molecular Formula: 2Cr(OH)SO4 Property: Basic Chromium Sulphate Is Available In Bright Green Powder With High Tanning Properties. The Product Is Dried With Most Sophisticated Steam Drum Drier Which Does Not Allow Material To Be Overheated. It Is Not ...Read More

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We Are Pleased To Introduce You That We Are A Specialized Manufacturer And Exporter For Carbon Black In China,we Sincerely Hope To Establish Business Relations With Your Esteemed Corporation. And The Items Of Carbon Black We Can Offer Are Mainly N220 ...Read More

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This Product Is A Quick-dried Acrylic Aerosol Paint, With Convenient Application, Perfect Atomization And High Emission Rate. Its Paint Film Has High Plumpness, Adhesion And Rich Colors. It Is Widely Used For Metal, Wood Materials And ABS Plastic Etc ...Read More

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