SL2.1A Is A Single 5v Power Supply Chip. The Integrated LDO(Include One 5v-3.3v LDO And One 3.3v-8v LDO) Make The Solution So Simple.Only Some Capacitances Needed For PCB.The Chip Also Integrates Power-On-Reset Circuit Read More

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We Insist On Creating Screen Frames Through More Rigorous Processes, And The Reduction Of Screen Frames Every Minute Is A Legendary Test Of The Process. Boundless Horizon, Large Screen View, Wider Field Of Vision, Wonderful At A Glance Read More

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100% Brand New ! This IR Sensor Switch (hand Waving Sensor ) Gives You The Best Solution To Turn On /off Of Led Lights ,smart Solution. Effect :Just Shake Your Hands To Realize The On /off Of Led Lights Applied For LED Lighting,and Many Othe ...Read More

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Optimal Quality: This Sensor Is Made Of High-quality Materials, Which Can Be Used For A Long Time. It Has The Characteristics Of Anti-interference And Anti-fog Function. Manufacturer: We Are A Manufacturer Of High-quality Products, Our Products Are ...Read More

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A Quick And Great Way To Upgrade Your Kitchen Cabinet, Extremely Easy Installation That Can Be Done With Common Household Tools Within Minutes. Comparing To Battery Operated Lighting System, This Electrical Powered Light Kit Is More Suitable For P ...Read More

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Feature : Add LED Lighting To Your Glass Shelving Using Our Top-quality Led Glass Shelf Light . Truly A One-of-a-kind Product, Our Led Glass Shelf Light Was Engineered And Developed To Produce The Best Possible Lighting Aesthetic: Even Lighting Thro ...Read More

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Project Description | Parameters 2 Layer Thickness: 1.6+/-0.16 Mm Min Hole Size: 0.3 Mm Width/Space: 0.15mm/0.12 Mm Surface Treatment: ENIG | Craft Normal 2 Layer Board | Application Consumer Electronics Read More

 EXPIRE ON: 26-09-2055


Project Description | Parameters 10 Layer Thickness: 1.6+/-0.16 Mm Min Hole Size: 0.15 Mm Width/Space: 0.12mm/0.1 Mm Surface Treatment: ENIG+Gold Finger | Craft Red Ink Gold Finger | Application Industrila Control Read More

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Elevator Display Panel An Elevator Display Panel Is A Device That Is Often Located In The Elevator Car And Shows Passengers A Range Of Useful Information. The Lift Display Panel Can Show Information Such As The Current Floor, Direction Of Travel, An ...Read More

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?New Technology Of COB LED Strip?: COB LED Strip Light,COB Linear Luminescence And Super Bright,12V COB LED Strip Lights Have 480LEDs/M,Compared With Traditional Strip Lights,the COB LED Strip Lights Can Be Bent And Spliced,and The Emitted Light Shou ...Read More

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Project Description | Parameters 4 Layer (1R+2F+1R) Thickness: 0.56+/-0.1 Mm Min Hole Size: 0.3 Mm Width/Space: 0.15mm/0.12 Mm Surface Treatment: ENIG | Craft Black Ink Rigid-Flex Board | Application Consumer Electronics Read More

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Layer: 1L Material: Aluminum Board Thickness: 1.6mm Surface Technique: ImmersionGold Minimum Hole Size: 0.6mm Application Field: LED, Automobile Read More

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A Co2 Gas Type Fire Extinguisher Is A Type Of Fire Extinguisher That Uses Carbon Dioxide Gas As The Extinguishing Agent To Suppress Fires. CO2 Fire Extinguishers Are Effective For Class B (flammable Liquids) And Class C (electrical) Fires. They Work ...Read More

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Boat Battery Power Switch Is An Electrical Switch Used In Boats And Marine Vessels To Control The Flow Of Electrical Power To Various Systems And Components. These Switches Play A Crucial Role In Managing The Boat's Electrical System, Including Start ...Read More

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An Inflatable Life Jacket Co2 Cylinder, Also Known As A Carbon Dioxide Cylinder, Is A Pressurized Container That Holds Carbon Dioxide Gas In A Compressed State. These Inflatable Life Jacket Cylinders Are Commonly Used For Various Applications, Includ ...Read More

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·Model: ZT-100A ·Pipe Capacity: 1/2"-4" ·Quick-open Dies Head 1/2”-2” 1set ·Self-open Dies Head 2.1/2”-4” 1set ·Dies 1/2"-3/4" 1"-2" ,2.1/2”-4” BSPT/NPT M12-M33 Metric Thread (Dies Extra) C15-C51 ...Read More

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Model: GC-6  Pipe Capacity:2”-6”(?50 Mm - ?168 Mm)  Max Wall Thickness:6 Mm Output RPM: 23r/min  Motor:220V/380V Universal Motor 50HZ Power:750W Net Weight:65.00 KGS Packing Size:600*500*550(mm) Read More

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Supplier: Shenzhen Grande Electronics Layers: 6 Application: Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) In Contract PCB Assembly- Smart Car Systems PCB:FR-4/1.6mm,1oz Finished Copper Surface Treatment: ENIG PCBA Lead Time: 3-4 Weeks Packin ...Read More

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