Beijing Start Microstep Control Technology Co., Ltd - Beijing, China


Established in 1992, Beijing Start MicroStep Control Technology Co., Ltd. is invested by an American company named SHAPHON. Ltd., USA. As a result we introduce the advanced American CNC control and drive technology. We are active in the fields of R & D, application and sales of CNC and digital products such as CNC control system, stepper motors, stepper motor drives, servo motors, servo motor drivers and integrated machines can be put a wide application into many areas such as packing, printing, textile, embroidering, robot, lathe industry and aerospace. Our products have passed the ISO9001 and enjoy a good market in and out of China. The marketing occupation rate is in the leading position in the same trade, enjoying great prestige with their high performance and low price domestic and abroad. Driver military products have already been used in the Chinese aerospace industry and have made contributions to

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