Roohullah and Sons Arms/ Ammunition Dealers and Importers - Peshawar, Pakistan


Roohullah & Sons Arms/Ammunition Dealers and Importers Hard to find Shotguns including Semi Automatics/Pump Actions, assorted Pistols and ammunitions, that is what Roohullah & Sons is all about. This sole proprietorship of Mr. Roohullah specializes on Shotguns, Pistols, and Ammunition, which are being imported from the Best Quality Gun and Pistol Maker factories around the world. As the most senior authorized Importers/Dealers of Firearm and Ammunition Dealers, Roohullah and Sons has been in the firearm industry for almost 25 years. Currently, Roohullah and Sons has been expanding its services by offering its customers other products such as firearms and ammunitions. It also has paved the way for customers to purchase firearms with ease by providing a separate department for the processing of licenses and permits. Furthermore, Roohullah and Sons has strategically established more than ten branches located in Rawalpindi, Peshawar, Abbotabad and Gujrat etc.

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