KWGA - Karachi, Pakistan


Karachi Wholesale Grocers Association is related to businesses of food items. The members of KWGA are involved in the trade of Pulses, Rice, Wheat and other food items. The rice exporters of Pakistan, who are members of this association have earned international reputation because of their product quality and delivery time. Apart from exporting pulses and rice to international markets, the members also import pulses and grind pulses to sell them in local and international markets.

Karachi Wholesale Grocers Association also promotes its members to build business relationships with rice and pulses exporters of other cities of Pakistan. The Karachi Wholesale Grocers Market is one of the biggest markets in terms of local and foreign trade. The members of this association operate from Jodia Bazar, Dandia Bazar, New Chali, Lee Market, NanakWara and other related bazars.

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