SHE Technologies - Lahore, Pakistan


SHE Technologies Pvt. Ltd. tends to provide all-time best software solutions for all types of real estate property management requirements/needs. The company was founded in 2003 and with its innovative ideas and technical team, the company's progress pace was unique.

No matter how large or small your business need is, either you are mid-sized real estate management company or an organization having mega operations in your company profile such as property sales purchase, malls installments plans, or land sales management our customized software are capable to take the stress of your entire operations. Not only that,  property management system in Pakistan real estate industry is designed to provide the best analytics report to end-to-end tasks, payment installments, management, and other sales and purchase operations as well.

Our 24/7 live support helps clients to step forward and achieve their milestones without any hazard. Stay 24/7 connected with software through the desktop and mobile-optimized applications. So whether you want to handle mid-sized real estate operations or complex operations such as housing property operations, let our software automate your requirements and help you in your success mission in a managed way.


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