Sterling Ash - Elsons - Karachi, Pakistan


STERLING ASH (Fly Ash) is a Class F Fly Ash recovered from Coal Fired Power Plants in Pakistan. STERLING ASH (Fly Ash) is a Pozzolan for concrete, consisting of the “finely divided residue that results from the combustion of ground or powdered coal” as defined by ASTM C 618. A Pozzolan, as defined by ASTM, reacts chemically with calcium hydroxide produced by the hydration of Portland cement to form additional cementations compounds. STERLING ASH (Fly Ash) Class F Fly Ash significantly increases the ability of concrete to resist attack from sulfates in soil or ground water. Additionally, Class F fly ash has been proven through extensive research and field experience to be highly effective in mitigating the deleterious effects of unrestrained alkali-silica reactions (ASR) in concrete. STERLING ASH (Fly Ash) is produced from the combustion of pulverized bituminous coal. When correctly proportioned, concrete which contains fly ash can have equivalent or greater 28-day compressive strengt

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