Electromech Engineering Services provides its customers with a wide range of Electrical Switchgears, Electrical Automation, Control system and Accessories for many years. The particulars being: HT/LT Panels, PFI Panel, Distribution boards and feeder pilers, motor control center/Units, ASD/DOL starters, PLC Control Panels, Soft Starters and Inverters, ATS/AMS Panels and specially designed consoles, power shearing/synchronizing control panels, cable trays, cable trunking, and Bus Tie Ducts, Light Fixtures for commercial and industrial use. Apart from that we provide all type of Mechanical and Electrical Jobs. We partner with the worlds most renowned companies in the world of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Services like Schneider Electrics, ABB. Recently EES has also introduced "BUILDING MANAGEMENT SYSTEM OF ABB" for the first time in Islamabad. We are a ISO 9001:2000 certified.

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