We wish to inform you that our company, which has been active in the sector of electrical and industrial material trading, with many imports and exports, comprises a wide variety of materials, including: Automatic circuit breakers, from 2A to 2500A. Contactors from 4kW to 500kW. Low voltage HRC fuse bases and fuse links, from 2A to 1000A. High voltage fuse bases and fuse links, from 6kV to 20kV. 380V low voltage transformers . Current and voltage transformers for high voltage, from 6kV to 20kV. Fuse switch disconnectors from 100A to 630A. Various measurement and protection instruments. SIEMENS SIMATIC and other manufacturers PLC Cards. Materials and spare parts by different companies such as contacts, coils, contactors, arc chute covers, shutters, and operating mechanisms for power circuit breakers. Past years discontinued spare parts. For any information or order, please contact us directly, and we therefore hope to set the foundations for a close long-term cooperati

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