Al Ramzan Tools International - Sialkot, Pakistan


We are the Manufacturer and supplier of Different kinds Beauty and Precision Tools, located Near the Small industrial Estate which is the Heart of Sialkot Industry. Our Main Products include:

Beauty Care Tools: Barber Scissors, Thinning Scissors, hairdressing scissors, Cuticle Nippers, Nail Nippers, Nail & Cuticle Scissors, Eyebrow Tweezers, Tailor Scissors, Cuticle Pushers & Cleaners, Nail & Skin Files, Eyelash Curlers)

Jewellery Tools: Beading tools, Cutting pliers, General Pliers, Jewellery tweezers, Rosary Pliers, Saw Frames, Scissors, Jewellery Shears

Fishing Tools: Fishing Clamps, Fishing Forceps, Fishing Pliers, Fishing Scissors , Fishing Tools, Fishing Tweezers

Optical Tools: Optical pliers, Optical Screwdrivers, Optical tweezers

Orthodontic Tools: Orthodontics Instruments, Orthodontics Pliers

Pet Grooming Tools: Pet grooming scissors, Pet Grooming tools
It has and will always be our goal to provide best manufacturing services to our customers. Our aim is to develop more of a partnership with our customers, rather than just a vendor-purchaser relationship. With Al-Ramzan, you can be assured of receiving top-quality manufacturing services and Products .Not only will working with Al-Ramzan minimize your costs and increase revenues, there will undoubtedly be better control and a substantially better flow of information from us to you, as our valued customer. In addition, problems that do arise can be addressed directly and more efficiently in this manner.

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