Sino Material Technologies Limited - Shanghai, China



SINOMAS is located in Shanghai with the full name - Sino Material Technologies Limited. As the name indicates, we are industrial components supplier making use of technically advanced and matured materials. Our main business is comprised of three product groups: fusible plugs for pressure relief protections, flexible heaters (silicone rubber heater, kapton heater, Aluminum foil heater, etc), and corrosion resistant immersion heaters (flanged, threaded, over the side). A common feature of these products is that they can all be highly customized and require low MOQ. To succeed, it requires good command of technical knowhow and the production line. This is exactly the expertise and policy of Sinomas. We are proud to be a real international company. Sales outside China account for 70% of our total revenue. Quality and customer satisfaction are always the top priorities at Sinomas which will never be compromised. One year guarantee policy applies to all of our products.

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