Ledke Technology Co., Ltd. - Shenzhen, China



LEDKE Technology Co., Ltd. was founded by a team with excellent LEDs Technology & knowledge background in year 2002. Since then, it devotes itself to R&D and manufacture of LED products. Along with the Philosophy of "Illuminate our world with Green lights", Now LEDKE has become the leading supplier in green lights source industry in China. Also, made its R&D center as headquarter in chinese opening city: Shenzhen.

So far our LED products are mainly LED flexible strips, LED commercial lighting, and LED fluorescent tubes, LED par lamps, LED modules, LED street lights, LED signs, controllers, atc. Those products are widely used for the stage decoration, project decoration, Architectural decorative lighting, backlighting for signage letters and cove lighting, street lighting atc. With good quality and service, now 50% of our LED products are sold to overseas.

LEDKE has established favorable relationship and streamlined cooperation with its materials and components suppliers, sales agencies, The company relentlessly pursues the maximization of the interests of its customers. This has brought great interests and accumulation to both the customers and LEDKE itself in various aspects. More, our team take highly important on the aftersales service.

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