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Xiamen Dexing Solar Energy Co., Ltd. located at Xiamen City of China, which is a busy international seaport city. We have cooperated with several foreign friends for many years, such as Europe, U. S. A., South America and Middle East countries,etc. We are focusing on creating a competitive advantage through technological innovation and cost control. Our products are solar lights, solar panels, solar cell, solar products, solar energy light, led lighting, led lamp, led bulb,energy saving lights, led products , etc, which are using green, clean and renewable clean-abstemious energy affordable to most families, and to promote clean-abstemious energy as the solution for the sustainable development of the human race as well. By the way, each customer has different demands for the products, we have offered a lot of different choices and specialized suggestions. So that we can accommodate everyone's requirements for their products needs. Please feel free to contact us if you have something in

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