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AISI and SUS are the commonly used marks in description of stainless steel wire in China. AISI refers to US Steel Association marks of stainless steel while SUS is used in front of Japan marks indicating it is for special purpose. What is the difference? What are the mostly used stainless steel grades in the world? What is the Chinese standard about stainless steel wire as materials used in weaving wire mesh?

1, Stainless Steel International Standard System
Stainless steel wire has two main standard systems:
Germany - France - Russia System: This system is characterized by its identification of the components in the trademark. China Stainless Steel Trademark adopted the method of the former Soviet Union, the countries belonging to this system also include Italy, Spain, Poland, Romania, the European Union and India.
United States - Britain - Japan System: Its characteristics are concise, clear, easy to remember. From the mark, we can know the organizational structure of the steel. Countries and regions adopting this system include Canada, Brazil, Australia, South Africa, South Korea and China Taiwan Province.

Marks for Stainless Steel Grade of China
1Cr18Ni9: An average content of 9 percent nickel, average 18 percent of chromium, carbon content * 10 percent (0.1 percent).

1.The first figure before the grade mark is ten times the percentage of carbon content.
2. The figure behind the key element indicates the percentage of this element. If the element content is less than 1.5 percent, then the figure is not written, if more than 1.5 while less than 2.5 percent, then the figure 2 is written after the element.
3. The trace elements such as Ti, Nb, Al, N, and other trace elements should be written in the steel grades.
4. The character Y should be added in front of the mark for free cutting steel.
5. The trademark followed by "L" indicates cold drawing, plus "Q" indicates light drawing, plus "R" indicates the soft state.

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