Cooperative wend konta Burkina Faso - Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso


HI We are a cooperative of artisan mining prospectors village (C.W.K.F) The cooperative research of potential buyers of gold dust and safe and reliable partner on the international market for` export and sale of gold dust and bullion (Gold for the raw) powder upon a reasonable interest. Please contact us to ascertain the nature of the gold (22 carat and above) and the procedure of the transaction FCO for export: Quantity 20 kg Nature alluvial gold 22 Carat + Quality PURITY: 98%. And 2% of impurity ORIGIN: Burkina Price: 15,500 Euro / kg our site gold produced between 50 to 100 kg of gold powder to the native gross 22 Carat + per month with a grade of 9201/1000eme. The objective of the cooperative is to promote its activities and improve the living conditions of villagers and especially to establish a permanent partnership of investment for the creation of other sites. We are looking for potential buyers as investors for the mining equipment gold in our sites Thank you c

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