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Titanium Wire - Service

Place of Origin : Tehran,Iran

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Titanium Wire

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Titanium Is A Very Good Metal Material With High Strength, Low Density, High Hardness, High Melting Point And Corrosion Resistance. High Purity Titanium Has Good Plasticity And Is An Ideal Metal 3D Printing Material. 3d Titanium Wire is Widely Used In Aerospace, Aviation, Military, Light Industry, Chemical, 3D Printing, Welding, Textile, Electronics, Superconducting, Medical And Petrochemical Industries. As A Kind Of Lightweight And Corrosion-resistant Structural Material, Titanium And Titanium Alloy Have Low Density, High Specific Strength, Good Corrosion Resistance, Non-toxic And Non-magnetic, Low Thermal Conductivity, Weldability And Good Biocompatibility. It Has Broad Application Prospects In Aerospace, Marine Engineering, Chemical, Electric Power, Construction, Automotive, Medical, Sporting Goods And Other Fields. Titanium 6Al4V Wire can Be Used In Industrial Welding Wire, Medical, Sports Goods, Glasses, Earrings, Headwear, Plating Hangers, 3D Printing, Etc. Nickel Titanium Wire is Used In Super Elastic Memory Alloy Mobile Phone Antennas, Fishing Hooks, Fishing Rods, Children's Toy Antennas, Optical Frames, Bluetooth Headsets, Ear Hooks, Medical Equipment, Etc.. With The Development Of The Times, It Began To Be Gradually Used In Women's Clothing Ring. We Also Have titanium Tubing Price.

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