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Place of Origin : Hong Kong,Hong Kong

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A china brake booster, or vacuum booster, is a device in vehicles that enhances braking force. It uses engine vacuum to assist in applying the brakes, requiring less force from the driver. When the brake pedal is pressed, the booster amplifies the hydraulic pressure, improving braking efficiency and control.

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A china Brake Booster, Or Vacuum Booster, Is A Device In Vehicles That Enhances Braking Force. It Uses Engine Vacuum To Assist In Applying The Brakes, Requiring Less Force From The Driver. When The Brake Pedal Is Pressed, The Booster Amplifies The Hydraulic Pressure, Improving Braking Efficiency And Control.


Types Of Wholesale Brake Booster

QVB001 Vacuum Booster With Master Cylinder


Advantages Of The Auto Brake Booster, Car Brake Booster, Automotive Brake Booster.

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