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Place of Origin : Zibo,China
Payment Terms : T/t Or L/c

Product Description

1. purity 60% min
2.low impurity,good chemical stability
3.used as scale corrosion inhibitor in cooling water system,also used as chelating agent in cleaning industry.

Basic Information

Brand : DF
Color : White To Pale Yellow Liquid

Physical Specification

Other Specification :  HEDP Is Organophosphoric Acid Corrosion Inhibitor,It Can Chelate With Fe, Cu, And Zn Ions To Form Stable Complex Compound And Dissolve The Oxidized Materials On These Metals’ Surfaces. HEDP Shows Excellent Scale And Corrosion Inhibition Effects Under Temperature 250℃.It Can Also Keep Good Chemicals Stability Under High PH Value ,hard To Be Hydrolyzed And Hard To Be Decomposed Under Ordinary Light And Heat Conditions. HEDP Shows Good Synergistic Effects When Built Together With Other Water Treatment Chemicals.

Company Inforamtion
Zouping dongfang chemicals Co.,Ltd
[ Exporter - China ]
 : No.5 Baiyun Road,haosheng industry zone,zibo,shandong,China
 : 86-543-4500017

 : Anla
 : 86-543-4500017
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