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Two component dispensing system for LED Outdoord Displays,Lightings,Bulb Lamp - Product



Place of Origin : Guangzhou,China
Delivery Terms : FOB
Delivery Time : 25
Product Capacity : 100 SET/MONTH
Payment Terms : T/T

Product Description

In case you have interest,please to send us an enquiry at: amy.gzdh(2) Skype:amy.cn86

Basic Information

Brand : DAHENG
Model : PG-1500A
Color : Blue

Physical Specification

Weight : 500
Other Specification : In Case You Have Interest,please To Send Us An Enquiry At: Amy.gzdh(2) Skype:amy.cn86 Machine Travel: 1500 X 480 X 50mm, Can Customize As Customer Require. Matching Proportion: 1:1, 10:1, And Other Fixed Proportion. Mixing Way: Static Mixing, And Also Can Choose Dynamic Mixing Supplying Way: High-precision Gear Pump(can Choose Piston Pump If Special Required) Motion Trail: Point, Straight Line, Frame, Pulse Signal And Irregular Track. Dispensing Quantity:10-60g/5s, Except Special Type Motion Speed: 0-300mm/s Motion Precision:±0.02mm Matching Precision: ±1% Dispensing Precision: ±1% Capacity Of Container: Container A 30L, Container B 10L, Can Customize As Customers Required. Working Voltage: AC220V 50-60HZ Working Air Pressure: 0.5-0.7Mpa Overall Size: 1900(L) X 1400(W) X 1500(H) Weight: About 500 Kg 2, Industry And Glue Application: Industry: Display, Advertising Model Group, Hard Light Strip, Clear Wall Light, Line Lamp, LED Products And Electronics Glue: Silica Gel, Epoxy, PU, And Double Compositions For PU Need 3, Optional Function: A, Evacuation B, Heating Function C, Change Other Pump Of Supplying Glue D, Add Motion Board And Made Moving Diversification 4,Main Feature: A, Matching Accuracy, Mixing And Pouring All In One, Complete The Real Full Automation B, Well-proportioned Mix, Avoid Waste By Manual Operation C, Position Accuracy, Fast Speed, Convenient Adjusting D, Good Generality, Display, Advertising Model Group, Hard Light Strip, Clear Wall Light, Only Need To Wash When Change Glue. E, Easy Programming, Easy Operation And Anyone Can Operate F, Tally Function, Non-standard Mode, Primer Mode, Level Alert, Filter Mode, Flow Display Device, Preventing Backflow Device And Other Functional Device. It Can Be Added Other Function If Customer Requires. 5,Benefit For Enterprises: A, Improve Quality Of Product

Company Inforamtion
Guangzhou Daheng Automation Equipment Co.,LTD
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 : F3, NO.2 Building, NO.6 Hongyuan Rd, Huangpu Economic and Technical Development Zone (East Zone), Guangzhou,Guangdong,China
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