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Depending on the cnc laser cutting machine part volume, a stamping press may supply the lowest cost per part. When speaking of metal forming in a press, however, you also are talking about the requirement of investing in tooling. Stamping also presents the ability to perform multiple tasks, such as forming and tapping, as part of the production process.

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A Traditional Turret Punch Press Can Cut Out Holes And Shapes Economically, But It Involves Tooling. A Punching Machine Also Can’t Match The Production Speeds Of laser Cutting Machines. As With A Stamping Press, Some Forming Can Be Done On The Punch Press. An Abrasive Waterjet Also Is Good For Thick Materials And For Applications In Which The Metal Can’t Have A Heat-affected Zone, Which Is A Problem With Most Thermal Cutting Methods. Both Plasma And Water jet Cutting Systems Cost Less Than metal Laser Cutting Machine, But Many Times Do Not Match The Laser’s Cutting Speed. Of Course, Plasma Cutting And Waterjet Systems Can Boost Productivity With The Use Of Multiple Heads And The Ability To Cut Stacked Blanks; The Application Obviously Would Influence What Exactly You Need. More Information, Pls Visit here.

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