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BCM Automatic Cushion & Pillow Filling Machine - Product


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Place of Origin : Shenzhen,China
Delivery Terms : 14days

Product Description

The system can realize fiber carding, accurate weighing and high speed filling.
High technology: Having the most advanced weighing system, the operator can set the fiber weight with touch screen panel, fully automatic and accurate. The handling weight:150g-1500g.

Basic Information

Brand : BCM

Physical Specification

Other Specification : Pillow & Cushion Automatic Weighing & Filling Line Concludes 4 Parts BC1001-790 + BC503 + BC1028 + BC502-2 MODEL: FIBER CARDING MACHFINE BC1001-790 DIMENSIONS: 2150*1130*940MM POWER: 6.25KW NET WEIGHT: 800KG MODEL: FAN FEEDING BC503 DIMENSIONS: 610*520*800MM POWER: 2.2KW NET WEIGHT: 75KG MODEL: WEIGHING SYSTEM BC1028 DIMENSIONS: 3300*1420*4500MM POWER: 2.7KW NET WEIGHT: 1500KG Two Heads Filling Machine With Patting Devices BC502-2. Two Heads Filling Machine: Densions: 1200*900*1300mm Power: 3KW Net Weight: 150kg Patting Devices: Dimension:1320*970*900mm (each/pcs) Total Two Pcs Power: 0.37kw Net Weight: 70kg/pcs Whole Line Capacity: 160kg/hour The System Can Realize Fiber Carding, Accurate Weighing And High Speed Filling. High Technology: Having The Most Advanced Weighing System, The Operator Can Set The Fiber Weight With Touch Screen Panel, Fully Automatic And Accurate. The Handling Weight:150g-1500g. More Safety: The Fiber Carding Machine Has Metal Detector And Overloading Alarm System To Avoid The Machine Being Damaged. Cost-saving: Place An Additional Bale Opening Machine, It Only Needs One Person To Run The Whole Line. Two Heads Filling Machine With Patting Devices Ensure The High Speed And Top-quality Filling.

Company Inforamtion
Shenzhen Bei Chuan Machinery Co., Ltd.
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