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01- 04


Place of Origin : Karachi,Pakistan
Delivery Terms : Immediately
Payment Terms : CASH / T.T.

Product Description

The time proven Fogmaster Tri - Jet 6208 fogger serves the needs of a wide range of applications for both indoor and outdoor uses. Food plants, Hotels, Hospitals, Barns & Parks are just a few examples of sites that depend on the effective Fogmaster Tri - Jet treatment.
Adjustable output is a key feature of this rugged portable cold fogger. A control valve knob provides the desired degree of misting of both water and oil based chemicals.

Basic Information

Model : 620820
Material : Aluminum Alloy

Physical Specification

Weight : 08 Kg
Other Specification : Fogmaster Tri Jet 6208, Durable, Versatile Fogger For Every Application. This Workhorse Control Mosquitoes, Flies And Crawling Insects, Sanitizes And Disinfects, Applies Carpet Mildew Controls And Neutralizes Odors. This Machine Is Used In Wide Range Applications Including: Pest Control In Homes, Odor Control At Waste Treatment Plants, Production Agricultural (swine, Poultry Etc.), Sanitizing Hospital Rooms, Veterinary Clinics And Food Processing Facilities, Biocides, Sealants To HVAC Systems And Ducting, Removing Smoke And Other Odors From Hotel Rooms, Banquet Halls, Apartment Buildings, Mist Generation In Nursery, Humidifying Winery Barrel Rooms And Other Industrial Sites. Specifications: Motor: 1 Hp, 3.5 Amp, 220-240 Volts. Single Stage, 21000 Rpm, Double Stage, 17000 Rpm, Fogging Nozzles: Three Counter- Rotating Vortex Nozzles € Venturies. Flow Rate: Adjustable 02/ 10 Oz. Min Tank Capacity: 01 US Gallon Materials Of Construction: Tank/ Body € Aluminum Venturi € Celcon ® Warranty: One Year Limited. Made In United States Of America

Company Inforamtion
Arrow Trading Company (Pvt) Ltd.
[ Distributor - Pakistan ]
 : Meraj Square. Bicaji Street, Opp. Cambridge Computer Mall,, Saddar
 : 92300 - 9210179

 : H. M. Yasin Marfani
 : 92300 - 9210179
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