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Place of Origin : jiangsu,China
Post Date : 23-09-2022
Expiry Date : 21-07-2025

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This Fixed Satellite Base Station Is A Flexible Device Configuration, And Suitable For Different Requirements. Cowave Is Providing Users With The Ability To Access Multiple Satellite Links And Can Carry Out Targeted Optimization And Combination Configuration According To Customer Requirements, To Fully Meet Customers' Customization Requirements.

Specification Of Fixed Satellite Base Station
SATELLITE ANTENNA According To Different Communication Capacity Requirements, Provide Satellite Communication Antennas With Appropriate Calibers
POWER AMPLIFIER Amplify The Power Of The Signal For Sending Satellite Signals
LOW NOISE AMPLIFIER Amplify The Signal With Low Noise For Receiving Satellite Signals
UP CONVERTER Convert L-band IF Signal Into Ku/Ka-band RF Signal
DOWN CONVERTER Convert Ku/Ka Band RF Signal Into L-band IF Signal
SPLITTER/COMBINER Split Or Combine Multiple Signals
BUSINESS TERMINAL Standard 1U Size, Providing One Business Channel And One Management Channel At The Same Time
CONTROL TERMINAL As The Transmission Equipment Of Satellite Network Management Software, It Provides Control Signaling Transmission Channel
CENTRAL STATION TERMINAL Standard 4U Size, Expand By Plug-in Card, Support Up To 16 Satellite Channels
STATION CONTROL SOFTWARE Fully Monitor The Equipment In The Fixed Station And Grasp The Equipment Operation Status In Real Time
STATION CONTROL SERVER Server Running Station Control Software
SATELLITE NETWORK MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE Manage And Control Satellite Communication Networks And Handle Communication Services
NETWORK MANAGEMENT SERVER Server Running The Background Process Of Satellite Network Management Software
OPERATION TERMINAL Computer Running The Front-end Interface Of Satellite Network Management Software
SWITCH Used For Data Exchange In The Internal Network Of Satellite Fixed Stations
ROUTER Used For Data Routing Between The Internal Network Of Satellite Fixed Stations Or Between Internal And External Networks

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Cowave Communication Technology Co., Ltd.
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