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Standard Printed Circuit Board Ltd. is a Hong Kong based company with our own PCB manufacturing setup with ISO 9001 qualified in Shenzhen, China. All our PCBs meet UL, IPC and RoHS international standards, while our price is real reasonable.

We can do:

1) 2 to 24-layer PCB and High-Complex Boards HDI, COB, Aluminum based PCBs which comply RoHS requirements;
2) High-Mix order with middle or small volume;
3) All kinds of surface treatment such as H.A.L –Lead Free, O.S.P., Gold plating, immersion gold, immersion tin, Peelable mask, Gold-finger, Carbon ink, etc. and
4) Free of charge on 1st order of yours on FR-4 samples (double-side), under FOB Hong Kong delivery terms.

Please also visit our site for detailed info of our factory at the path below.

Should you have any new Gerber files for our quotes, then you can compare our quotes with the ones from your existing suppliers. I look forward to working things out and exploring potential business opportunities with you in the long run.

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