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are you looking for some efficent equipments for recycling or purifying for your waste oil or use oil?

Chongqing Tongsheng Electromechanical Co.,Ltd is a hi-tech enterprise and professional in research, design and production of oil purifying and recycling equipment; we are the best oil recycle equipment manufacture in China and qualified enterprise of ISO9001-2000 standard; The only company provided manufacturing license of anti-explosion oil-filtering machine; Theexclusive authorized company of advanced company in the counterparts of state technological inspection bureau of China.

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Main products:
1. ZY High-efficiency Vacuum Lube Oil purifier,it is applicable to all waste oil of low viscosity from various industries such as mining, cement, petroleum industries.
2.ZYB efficient vacuum multi-functional oil purifier , it is applicable to all waste oil of high, middle and low viscosity .such as used machinery oil, hydraulic oil ,compressor oil ,motor oil, mediate- load gear oil ,cooler oil .etc.
3.ZYD Used Oil Regeneration System , This purifier can remove the tiny impurity dispersed in oil such as carbon particles and deep oxides, as well as bad substance such as colloid and bitumen,it is applicable to all waste oil of middle and low viscosity oil, especially ,it can also restore the color of the used oil .
4. JT Oil purifier of Steam Turbine Oil, it is applicable mainly to turbine oil of generating set and transformer oil
5. ZL Series High-efficiency Vacuum Oil purifier,it is applicable mainly to transformer oil.

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the company which have waste oil or used oil need to recycle

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