Weber Technologies Biocyte - Islamabad, Pakistan


IN THE NAME ALLAH THE MOST MERCIFULL & BENEFITIAL WEBER TECHNOLOGIES BIOCYTE PAKISTAN WEBER RESEARCH GROUP Islamabad/Rawalpindi Pakistan Dear Sir, We are one of the leading manufacturers & exporter of eminence lighting utilities including Industrial chokes, Industrial fixtures, and shades with a major invention of Candela Electronic Chokes under Weber Technologies Biocyte Pakistan banner. Our Candela Electronic Choke Japanese technology saves 40-50% energy (Electronic Candela Control Gear Technology THD<20% (ECCGT) as compared to conformist starter chokes, i.e. reducing lighting bills (loads in Kw) to exactly half. At the current situation we have sold out more then 85,000 candela ballasts and 12,500 sets of candela ballasts including (candela ballast, single & double patty, shades, channels and Philips rods) and they are working in various industries and giving them mo

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