Today’s consumers are very particular and they make high demands on modern garden furniture. One obvious requirement is that garden furniture should be made of materials which withstand the elements and age with grace, even though they are used in the open for many years. But modern garden furniture is expected to be so much more. It has to match with the mood of the house and the natural setting and it has to be in harmony with the customer’s life style; above all, it has to meet the customer’s personal requirements as far as comfort and functionality are concerned.
We have taken up the challenge, focusing all its resources on the development of outstanding products and refusing to engage in extravagant marketing ploys. In so doing Wellkey can present a line of garden furniture of which the price-quality relation and the range of models and materials are quite unique.
The growth of the company over the past few years is unambiguous proof that this strategy is the right one. Consumers seek outstanding products which meet their individual demands at a sensible price. In developing these products Wellkey has proved to be an expert.

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