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About Our History

Run as a a family business, we had in the electric bike line for more than 20 years.

In 2000, my father set up his own bicycle business, and soon became the agent of the brand of Yongjiu in Beijing which was a famous and international brand.

In 2005, the electric bikes became popular, and Wang was attracted by this environmentally-friendly and efficient way of riding. After four years of research and sales of electric bicycles, he decided to set up his own electric bicycle factory.

In 2009, Wang came to Wuxi, a city with the largest electric scooter production. 200km far away from China's largest port- Shanghai port. He set up his own electric bike brand: ADAOFU, and build up the factory.

Since 2010, we have launched nearly 500 kinds new products, nearly 100 of them are very popular in the market, monthly output to 20000 pieces. In order to better service customers, the products are divided into four types, small electric scooter, medium electric scooter, medium racing electric motorcycle, and large racing electric motorcycle.

Our electric scooter, are very popular in oversea. Many customers partners have more than five years cooperate relationship with us. Here we sincerely to show my deep gratitude to these customers who work with us all the way forward.

For large electric motorcycles, we can provide customized services. For those high distribution motorcycle players, whether design, speed, or mileage, we have won their fond. In recent years, we have sponsored China's famous electric motorcycle club, which called “Cool Car Alliance”. As the main sponsor, we participated in the "Mountain and Water Electric motorcycle Competition" and "Quanshun Electric Motorcycle Competition ".

By 2017, with Dad's support, we founded the Ministry of Foreign Trade and spread our products and services to customers around the world with the brand of KingChe. Nowadays, we have established cooperative relationship with more than 20 large dealers worldwide, mainly from the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and India. Since 2019, we have optimized our product performance, quality and price, and provided more possibilities in product performance. And we start from each component and production process to continuously improve our product quality. At the same time, we continuously optimize the supply chain, reduce our costs, and provide customers with competitive price.

"More powerful than you think!" This is not only the characteristic of our car, but also the quality of us Kingche and ADAOFU people! Because what we see, what we believe, and we can steady forward!


Our Factory

30m assembly line, 32 exprienced workers.

200 sets electric bike out put per day.

A worker is only responsible for one link, dedicated and efficient.


Our Customers

With an unwavering focus on quality, we are committed to delivering exceptional value, performance, and fun for our customers and partners worldwide. Specialized in ebike and electric motorcycle sales and manufactures since 2001, firstly in Beijing, than remove Wuxi.


Our website:www.kingchebike.com


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