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RG59 coaxial cable - Product

Place of Origin : Hangzhou,China

Product Description

This cable features a copper-clad steel conductor inside a flame-retardant polyvinyl chloride jacket.

Physical Specification

Other Specification : Conductor CU/CCS 0.81mm Dielectric Foam PE 3.66mm 1st Shield Bonded Al Foil 3.84mm 2nd Shield CU/AL/CCA Braiding 4.47mm Jacket PVC 6.00mm Electrical Characteristics Impedance 75ohms Capacitance 52pF/m Velocity Of Propagation 85% Return Loss 5-1000MHz ≥22dB 1000-2000MHz ≥20dB Attenuation (20℃) 5MHz 2.40dB/100m 50MHz 6.40dB/100m 200MHz 12.40dB/100m 450MHz 23.40dB/100m 500MHz 24.90dB/100m 750MHz 31.70dB/100m 870MHz 34.60dB/100m 1000MHz 37.80dB/100m

Company Inforamtion
Hangzhou Hongjie Cable Co.,Ltd.
[ Manufacturer - China ]
 : No.208 Qingxian street,Linglong industry park
 : +86-571-58606590

 : Enia
 : +86-571-58606590
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