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Place of Origin : Zhangzhou,China
Delivery Terms : 7-15 Days
Delivery Time : 15days
Product Capacity : 1000 Pieces Per Week
Payment Terms : T/t Western Union Alibaba Pay

Product Description

sic heaters Products are mainly used in magnetic materials, powder metallurgy, ceramics, glass, metallurgy and machinery industries, such as a variety of high-temperature electric furnace and other heating equipment. Zhengzhou Mingxin electric heating materials Co., Ltd. Our company specializes in producing and selling molybdenum disilicide and silicon carbide electric heating elements. And electric heating components accessories .with good quality and low price,please .

Basic Information

Brand : Mingxin
Model : Custom
Material : Sic
Color : Gray
Expiry/Validation Period : 2years

Physical Specification

Size or Volume : Custom
Weight : Custom
Other Specification : 

ntroduction To Silicon Carbon Rod:

The Temperature Distribution Characteristics Of The Silicon Carbon Rod, The Inspection Specification Of The New Shipment Is Within The Effective Length Of 1500 Degrees Is Qualified, When The Temperature Distribution Will Be Reduced With The Aging Of Its Resistance, The Specific Temperature Distribution Changes Are Also Different Due To The Furnace Atmosphere, Different Use Conditions.The Longer The Service Temperature Is, The Shorter The Service Life Of The Silicon Carbon Rod Will Be. Therefore, After The Temperature In The Furnace Exceeds 1600?, The Oxidation Rate Will Be Accelerated And The Service Life Will Be Shortened. Please Pay Attention Not To Let The Surface Temperature Of The Silicon Carbon Rod Be Too High.

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Instructions For Silicon Carbon Rod Customization:


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Cold End CZ Length

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