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Place of Origin : Hong Kong,Hong Kong
Post Date : 30-11-2023
Expiry Date : 29-11-2029

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The Car Clutch Cylinder, A Crucial Component In Manual Transmission Vehicles, Facilitates Clutch Engagement And Disengagement. When The Clutch Pedal Is Pressed, The Clutch Cylinder Uses Hydraulic Pressure To Transfer Motion From The Pedal To The Clutch System, Allowing For Smooth Gear Shifts And Control Over The Vehicle's Power Transmission.

Types Of Clutch Cylinder
QCM001 Clutch Master Cylinder
QCM002 Clutch Master Cylinder
QCM003 Clutch Master Cylinder
QCM004 Clutch Master Cylinder
QCM005 Clutch Master Cylinder
QCM006 Clutch Master Cylinder
QCM007 Clutch Master Cylinder
QCM008 Clutch Master Cylinder
QCM009 Clutch Master Cylinder
QCM010 Clutch Master Cylinder
QCM011 Clutch Master Cylinder
QCS001 Clutch Slave Cylinder
QCS002 Clutch Slave Cylinder
QCS003 Clutch Slave Cylinder
QCS004 Clutch Slave Cylinder
QCS005 Clutch Slave Cylinder
QCS006 Clutch Slave Cylinder

What Are The Benefits Of A Clutch Cylinder?

Smooth Gear Shifting:

A Clutch Brake Slave Cylinder Enables Precise Control Over The Clutch Engagement And Disengagement Process, Resulting In Smooth And Seamless Gear Shifts Without Jarring Or Grinding.

Reduced Driver Effort:

The Hydraulic Action Of The Clutch Cylinder Reduces The Effort Needed To Press The Clutch Pedal, Making Driving More Comfortable And Less Fatiguing, Especially In Heavy Traffic.

Enhanced Clutch Life:

Proper Clutch Engagement Facilitated By The Clutch Cylinder Helps Prolong The Lifespan Of The Clutch Components, Reducing Wear And Tear And The Need For Frequent Clutch Replacements.

Improved Fuel Efficiency:

Accurate Clutch Control Allows For Efficient Gear Changes, Optimizing Engine Power Delivery And Enhancing Fuel Efficiency, Which Is Particularly Beneficial During City Driving And Stop-and-go Traffic.

Company Inforamtion
Qllino Automotive Industrial Limited
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