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Place of Origin : Hong Kong,Hong Kong
Post Date : 30-11-2023
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The Wheel Master Cylinder Is A Component In Drum Brake Systems That Converts Hydraulic Pressure Into Mechanical Force To Engage The Brake Shoes Against The Brake Drum. It Plays A Vital Role In Slowing Down Or Stopping The Vehicle By Creating Friction Between The Brake Shoes And The Drum, Resulting In Effective Braking Performance.

Types Of Wheel Brake Cylinder
QWC001 Wheel Brake Cylinder

Components Of A Wheel Brake Cylinder

Cylinder Body:
The Cylinder Body Is The Main Housing Of The Cylinder Wheel Brake. It Is Typically Made Of Cast Iron Or Aluminum And Contains The Other Components. The Hydraulic Fluid Enters The Cylinder Body Through The Inlet Port And Exerts Pressure On The Piston.

The Piston Is A Movable Component Inside The Cylinder Body. When Hydraulic Pressure Is Applied, The Piston Is Forced Outward, Pushing The Brake Shoes Against The Drum. The Piston Is Usually Fitted With Seals To Prevent Hydraulic Fluid Leaks And Ensure Effective Pressure Buildup.

Seals And Boots:
Seals And Boots Play A Critical Role In Maintaining The Integrity Of The Hydraulic System. They Prevent Hydraulic Fluid Leaks And Contaminants From Entering The Cylinder. The Primary Seal Is Located Around The Piston And Helps Maintain Pressure. The Boots, Also Known As Dust Boots, Protect The Seals And Piston From Debris And Moisture.

Return Spring:
The Return Spring Is Connected To The Piston And Assists In Retracting The Piston When Hydraulic Pressure Is Released. After The Brakes Are Applied And Pressure Is Released, The Return Spring Pulls The Piston Back Into Its Initial Position, Allowing The Brake Shoes To Release From The Drum. This Action Prevents Unnecessary Friction And Wear.

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