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Drum Brake Assembly - [ Sell Product ]

Place of Origin : Hong Kong,Hong Kong
Post Date : 30-11-2023
Expiry Date : 07-01-2029

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A Drum Brake Caliper Assembly Is A Braking System Used In Vehicles. It Consists Of A Hollow Drum Attached To The Wheel And Brake Shoes Fitted Inside The Drum. When The Brake Pedal Is Pressed, The Shoes Expand Against The Drum's Inner Surface, Generating Friction To Slow Down Or Stop The Vehicle.

Types Of Drum Brake Assembly
QDAP001 Rear Drum Brake Assembly

Operation Principles Of Drum Brake Assembly

Brake Pedal Activation:

Pressing The Brake Pedal Initiates Hydraulic Pressure, Transmitted To The Wheel Cylinder Via Brake Lines.

Wheel Cylinder Expansion:

Hydraulic Pressure Forces The Pistons In The Wheel Cylinder To Expand, Pushing The Brake Shoes Outward.

Brake Shoe Contact

The Brake Shoes, Equipped With Friction Material, Press Against The Inner Surface Of The Brake Drum.

Friction Generation:

The Friction Between The Brake Shoes And Drum Converts Kinetic Energy Into Heat, Slowing Down The Vehicle.

Reverse Movement:

When The Brake Pedal Is Released, Springs Retract The Brake Shoes, Allowing The Vehicle To Move Freely.

Emergency Brake Activation:

Mechanisms Separate From Hydraulic System Engage The Parking Brake Function, Locking The Brake Shoes In Place For Parking.

Heat Dissipation:

Drum Brake's Design Aids Heat Dissipation Via Ventilation Holes In The Drum, Preventing Overheating During Prolonged Use.

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