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Johnson Low Voltage Standard DC Motors - Product



Place of Origin : Chengdu,China
Delivery Time : 30
Payment Terms : T/T

Product Description

Our products are:
1.High efficiency manufacture
2.Durable & good quanlity
3.Suit for various models
4.Competitive price
5.Stable thermal performance
6.Huge stock and fast delivery
where long service life and maximum safety is required.
Electrical motors brand we can provide:Baldor,US motors,Dayton,Emerson and so on.

Basic Information

Material : Al
Expiry/Validation Period : Long Term

Physical Specification

Other Specification : NFC03LG-011 HC875SG-012 NFC03MG-012 HC875SG-013 NFC03MG-021 HC875SG-014 NFC03SG-011 HC875SG-020 NFC03SG-012 HC877G-022 NFD03LG-011 HC877G-023 NFD03MG-011 HC877P-011 NFD03MG-012 HC877P-022 NFD03MG-020 QC875SG-011 NFD03SG-021 QC877P-020 NFE03LG-011 QC877P-021 NFE03LG-012 TC785LG-020 NF003SG-011 HCB71-020 NFA03LG-011 C9A1(2)LG-011 NFN03LG-011 HC9A1(2)LG-023 HC213LG-011 DF315XLG-011 HF283LG-011 DF315XLG-021 NF113LG-011 DC651(2)LSG-011 NF123G-020 DC651(2)XLLG-022 NF123G-021 DC651(2)XLLG-023 NF133G-020 DC651-P-001 NF183LG-011 DC751(2)LSG-022 NF213G-011 DC751(2)XLLG-011 NF213G-022 DC751(2)XLLG-021 NF213G-023 DC751(2)XLLG-022 NF223G-011 DC751(2)XLLG-023 HC313G-011 DC751(2)XLLG-024 HC313G-012 DC751(2)XLLG-025 HC313MG-013 DC771(2)XLLG-012 HC313MG-020 DC771(2)XLLG-022 HC315G-011 DC771(2)XLLG-023 HC315MG-011 DC771(2)XLLG-025 HC315MG-012 DC771(8)XLLG-020 HC383XLG-020 DC771-P-001 HC385G-011 DC781(2)LSG-011 HC385G-022 DC781(2)LSG-020 HC385G-023 DC781(2)LSG-021 HC385MG-020 DC781(2)XLLG-011 HC385XLG-011 DC781(2)XLLG-021 HC385XLG-013 DC781(2)XLLG-022 HC385XLG-020 DC971(2)LG-011 HC485G-011 DC971(2)LG-014 HC485G-020 DF651(2)LG-021 QC381(0)XLG-001 DF651(2)LG-022 HC610G-011 DF651(2)LG-023 HC613G-011 DF651(2)LG-024 HC615SG-011 DF651(2)LG-025 HC683LG-011 DC971-P-001 HC683LG-020 DC1561(2)LLG-001 HC683LG-021 NS146G-001 HC683LG-022 NS246G-001 HC683LP-022 HC6A6LG-120 HC683LP-023 HC7A5SG-020 HC683XLLG-020 HC8A5G-020 HC685G-020 P-E700 HC685G-021 P-H500 HC685LG-020 QC7A1(0)SG-020 HC685LG-021 QC7A1(0)SG-021 HC685LG-022 QC8A1(0)SG-020 HC685LG-023 QC8A1(0)SG-021 HC685LG-024 MO28MM-102 HC685LG-025 MO28MM-103 HC685XLLG-020 E4EHS-12 HC785LG-020 E5EHS-12 HC785LG-021 E5EHS-12-H HC785LP-012 E6EHS-12 HC785LP-024 E6EHS-12-H HC785LP-025 E7IHM-24 HC785LP-026 E8IHM-14 HC785LP-027 E8IHM-18 HC785P-022 E8IHM-22 HC785P-023

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AS Electric Motor
[ Exporter - China ]
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 : Robin Hu
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