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Mabuchi Standard DC Motors - Product



Place of Origin : Chengdu,China
Payment Terms : T/T

Product Description

Our products are:
1.High efficiency manufacture
2.Durable & good quanlity
3.Suit for various models
4.Competitive price
5.Stable thermal performance
6.Huge stock and fast delivery
where long service life and maximum safety is required.
Electrical motors brand we can provide:Baldor,US motors,Dayton,Emerson and so on.

Basic Information

Brand : Mabuchi
Material : AL IRON
Expiry/Validation Period : Long Term

Physical Specification

Other Specification : FA-130RA RF-370CB FC-130RA/SA RF-400CA FC-140RE/SE RF-500TB FC-260SA RF-J20WA FC-280PC/SC RF-N60CA FC-280SA RK-370CA FF-030SC RK-370CC FF-050SB RS-360SH FF-130RH/SH RS-365PD/SD FF-170PA RS-365PH FF-180PH/SH RS-365SH FF-260PA RS-380PH FF-K10WA RS-380SH FF-K20WD RS-385PH FF-K30WD RS-385SD FF-M10VA RS-385SH FF-M20VA/VK RS-445PA/PD FF-N10WA RS-455PA FF-N20PA RS-4A5PA FF-N30VB RS-4B5PA FK-050SH RS-540SH FK-130RH/SH RS-545PH FK-180SH RS-545SH FK-260SA RS-550PC/VC FK-280PA/SA RS-555PC/VC GA-558RN/LN RS-555PX/VX JC/LC-578VA RS-755VC/WC RC-260RA RS-775VC/WC RC-280SA RT-8B7WA RE-140RA RZ-735VA RE-260RA RZ-8BAWA RE-280RA/SA SF-136SA RF-020TH SF-266SA RF-130CH SF-266SH RF-300EA SH-030SA RF-300FA SZ-286WA RF-310TA SZ-446WA RF-330TK SZ-466WB RF-370CA

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AS Electric Motor
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 : Robin Hu
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