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PON Meter For Sale Is A Test Instrument Specially Launched For FTTX/PON Passive Optical Network Testing. It Adopts A High-definition TFT Color LCD Screen And Can Experiment With Simultaneous Measurement And Display Of Voice, Data And Video Signals On ...Read More


SC Quick Connector Features Low Insertion Loss And Added Loss, High Stability, High Reliability, The Height Of Attenuation, High Back Loss, Small Volume, Lightweight. Shutters Open And Close Automatically. SC Fast Connector Can Be Used With A Regular ...Read More


The Main Features Of Otdr For Sale Are: Convenient One-button Testing. High-speed Signal Processing, Less Test Time, And Fast Analysis. Color TFT LCD. USB Port Connects To PC. Input Optical Signal Auto-detection And Self-protection. Built-in VFL. ...Read More


Parameters Of Arrayed Waveguide Grating AWG Multiplexer Storage Temperature -40 ~ +85? Operation Temperature -40 ~ +85? Operation Humidity 0 ~ 90 %RH Storage Humidity 0 ~ 90 %RH As A Leading Fiber Optic Products Supplier In China, We Have Been G ...Read More


AWG Waveguide (AWG) Device Is A Dispersive Passive Device And Planar Waveguide Device. It Is Based On The Planar Light € Wave Circuit (PLC) Technology And The Basic Optical Principle Of Linear Interference Between Different Wavelengths Of Light. At ...Read More